3M™ VHB 4951 White

VHB 4951

3M™ VHB 4951 White

High Performance 3M™ VHB 4951 White tape is ideal for bonding at cold surface temperature, (<10°C), e.g. stiffeners on architectural panels and e-tags on vehicles.

Application Ideas: Attach stiffeners in air conditioners, office furniture and telecommunications equipment.

Proper preparation of a surface prior to the application of 3M™ VHB 4951 White tape is a key factor in ensuring maximum bond strength. Many failures can be attributed to poor surface preparation.

Click here to view video demonstrations of the 3M™ VHB Tape.

3M™ VHB™ 4951

Product NumberThicknessColourSolvent ResistanceTemp. Resistance Hours (C°)Temp. Resistance Weeks (C°) Plasticiser ResistanceRelative Adhesion3 HSE (Metal, Glass)Relative Adhesion3 HSE (Plastics)Relative Adhesion3 LSE (Plastics)
49511.1mm WhiteHigh14993LowHighMediumLow

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