Stylus Tapes

Stylus Tapes – Engineered for Excellence

Did you know Stylus offers a wide range of custom printed labels to suit your business needs that can provide a cost-effective alternative to your current labelling system?

Labels are customised to suit your requirements and are available in a range from 25mm x 50mm up to 150mm x 300mm, with up to three colours being printed.

Stylus labels are:

  • Economical self-adhesive labels.
  • Produced continuously on the roll with perforations between each label; easy to tear and apply.
  • Linerless labels reduce cost and paper waste for the user.
  • Waterproof, film with high-quality print finish.
  • Suitable for a range of applications.
  • Ideal for all those labelling requirements.
  • Highlighting promotional and bonus offer incentives.
  • Product identification, eg. hazardous goods.
  • Incorporate delivery & handling instructions such as Fragile, Glass With Care, Urgent, to name a few.

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