3M™ All Weather Flashing Tape

3M All Weather Flashing Tape

3M All Weather Flashing Tape is a self-adhered, waterproof flashing membrane designed for sealing around openings and penetrations in exterior walls. This product has a unique acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive that aggressively sticks and stays stuck both at lower and higher application temperatures than traditional flashing tapes. It even adheres to damp surfaces.

Bonds to Most Common Building Materials without Primers and Staples, Stays Stuck, Even in Extreme Temperatures. 

3M 8067 All Weather Flashing Tape

ID: 8067

Category: Tapes / Sealing / Flashing Tape

3M 8067 All Weather Flashing Tape

3M 8067 All Weather Flashing Tape 8067 provides a weather-resistant barrier around windows and doors. The tape will adhere when applied in extreme temperatures beyond the range of traditional asphaltic or butyl flashing tapes: as low as -18 °C or as high as 49 °C.

  • High tack adhesive to stick securely to most common building materials at temperatures ranging from -18°C to up to 49°C, even on damp surfaces.
  • Thin for a reliable and convenient fit into corners and under siding.
  • Split-liner for easy and accurate positioning of tape - especially good for long lengths.
  • Sticks aggressively to itself and self-seals around nails and staples to prevent moisture intrusion.
  • Tough to resist punctures and tears during application and service life.
  • Does not require primers, staples or other mechanical fixings.
  • BRANZ Appraised 775 (2012).
  • Resists UV exposure for up to 6 months (BRANZ testing ended at 3 months).
  • Available in 2 rolls widths; 76mm or 152mm x 22.8m, other widths may be available on request.

Suggested Applications

  • Flashing exposed timber and building wrap in accordance with the Australian Building Code, prior to window installation in wood framed construction.
  • Sealing joints in building wrap and rigid air barriers.
  • Flashing pipe penetrations through building wraps and rigid air barriers.


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