3M™ Breathing Protection

3M Breathing Protection

3M has developed a comprehensive range of industry proven powered and supplied air respirators, designed and built for tough working environments. In addition to providing respiratory protection, these systems offer high levels of comfort and ease of use that can enable improved productivity in the workplace. A refreshing air supply with a combination of other protective functions allows the wearer to have respiratory protection, as well as eye, face, head and in some cases shoulder protection.

3M 7500 Premium Half Face Series

ID: 7500

Category: Personal Safety / Respirators

3M 7500 Premium Half Face Series

3M Half Face Reusable Respirator 7500 Series has a soft, silicone face seal for greater comfort and durability. The 3M Cool Flow Valve helps make breathing easier and can reduce heat and moisture build-up for cool, dry comfort. Combine with a broad range of twin, lightweight 3M filters or cartridges to provide respiratory protection against particulates and a variety of gases and vapours.

  • Soft, silicone facepiece for comfort and durability.
  • Drop down feature for added convenience during breaks.
  • Thin nose bridge area for reduced pressure and improved comfort.
  • 3M Cool Flow Exhalation valve offers reduced breathing resistance.
  • Respirator design helps reduce fogging when wearing eye protection.
  • Flexible system for use with 3M gas, vapour and particulate cartridges and filters.
  • Maintainable through a range of spare parts.

Flyer: 3M Reusable Half Face Respirator 7500 Series Technical Datasheet  (PDF, 2.6MB)

3M 7535 Asbestos/Dust Respirator Kit, P2/P3

ID: 7535

Category: Personal Safety / Respirators / Reusable Kits

3M 7535 Asbestos/Dust Respirator Kit, P2/P3

Common Applications/Hazards:

  • Suitable for certain asbestos work: Refer to local asbestos government guidelines (Safework Australia or Worksafe NZ).
  • Also for lead paint removal, sanding, sawing, drilling, cutting, grinding, masonry, insulation, food manufacturing and powder coating.

Protection Factors:

  • Note that any filtering respirator should not be used for protection at airborne concentrations of contaminants above the relevant IDLH levels.

Flyer: 3M Reusable Respirator Starter Kits Brochure  (PDF, 413.7KB)

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