3M™ Coated Abrasive Paper

3M Coated Abrasive Paper

  • When you require a superior finish in less time.
  • 3M products can help you generate the desired finish with fewer processing steps and in less time.
  • Finishes worthy of craftsmen.
  • Prepare your surfaces for anything – smoothing, roughing, scuffing and sealing.
  • Choose from belt and hand sanding options for all your woodworking projects.
3M Gold Paper 255-P

ID: 255-P

Category: Abrasives / Coated

3M Gold Paper 255-P

The 3M 255P is an Aluminium Oxide abrasive with long life and sustained cutting action. It features an anti-loading coating to extend product working life.

Suitable for intermediate and final sanding of metal, solid and painted surfaced in addition to varnished surfaces and plastic parts.

  • Longer life.
  • Sustained cutting action.
  • Anti-loading coating.
3M Wetordry Paper Sheets 734

ID: 734

Category: Abrasives / Coated

3M Wetordry Paper Sheets 734

3M 734 Wetordry Paper Sheet is a sharp, abrasive silicon carbide material on a flexible and conformable water resistant paper backing.

With a long product life and good surface quality, it is suitable for use on laminated and/or coated surfaced, fillers, metal, plastics, acrylics and other solid surface materials.

  • Longer life.
  • Good surface quality.
  • Flexible and conformable water-resistant backing.


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