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3M™ Roloc Abrasives

3M Roloc discs let you work quickly and efficiently without sacrificing quality. Each 3M Roloc disc has a threaded male button permanently mounted on the backing that allows you to secure the discs with a quick half turn. Because of its positive locking tab, the disc is designed to stay safely in place for the life of the disc. The 3M Roloc system is designed to be a safe, efficient system that offers you access to a wide variety of abrasive grades without the inconvenience of switching tools or holders in the middle of the job.

Code: SB-SC
Category: Roloc Abrasive Discs
3M Scotch-Brite Roloc Surface Conditioning Discs

A non-woven abrasive product used for cleaning, finishing, blending and deburring applications. A threaded attachment system secures the disc to the holder.

Code: 361-F
Category: Roloc Abrasive Discs
3M Roloc Disc 361F

An aluminum oxide abrasive product constructed on a YF weight, water resistant polyester cloth backing. Resin bonded for heat resistance. Can be run wet or dry. A threaded attachment system secures the disc to the holder. Primary markets: metalworking, woodworking.

Code: 982-BS
Category: Roloc Abrasive Discs
3M Bristle Disc Introductory Packs Roloc 982BS

3M Roloc Bristle Disc Kit 982BS, filled with a range of discs and the accompanying disc pad, are great for users who want to try a variety of grades and uncover the right disc for their specific applications. Each Introductory Pack contains 2 of each grade Roloc(TM) Bristle Discs and the appropriate disc holder.