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3M™ VHB RP Tapes

The 3M VHB Tape RP Family is ideal for general industrial, interior fit-out and signage applications. Featuring a paper liner for die cutting solutions, the 3M VHB Tape RP Family bonds to a wide variety of surfaces including glass, metal, many plastics, composites, sealed wood and painted surfaces. All acrylic construction gives 3M VHB Tape RP extraordinary strength, conformability and versatility indoors and outdoors.

Code: RP-16
Category: VHB RP Range
3M VHB Tape RP16

A conformable, double-sided, pressure-sensitve, closed-cell acrylic foam tape. This permanent assembly tape bonds high and medium surface energy substrates. Provides handling convenience, cushioning, damping, and impact resistance. Colour - Grey. Thickness: 0.4mm.

Code: RP-25
Category: VHB RP Range
3M VHB Tape RP25

3M VHB / RP range are flexible and conforms to irregularities of rigid substrates, even when there might be a slight mismatch, while maintaining high internal strength. Colour - Grey. Thickness: 0.6mm.

Code: RP-32
Category: VHB RP Range
3M VHB Tape RP32

3M VHB / RP range. Bonds high surface energy substrates. Ideal for closely matched surfaces, such as bonding stiffeners in furniture, trucks, and buses. Colour - Grey. Thickness: 0.8mm.

Code: RP-45
Category: VHB RP Range
3M VHB Tape RP45

3M VHB / RP range. Precision die-cutting to fit any shape, size or profile maximizes design flexibility while helping to minimize assembly time. Colour - Grey. Thickness: 1.1mm.

Code: RP-62
Category: VHB RP Range
3M VHB Tape RP62

3M VHB / RP range Virtually invisible fastening helps keep surfaces smooth and clean. No unsightly rivet heads, weld marks and screw heads will be seen. Colour - Grey. Thickness: 1.5mm.