About Us

About Us

Over 40 years of combined knowledge and hands on experience in the market place gives Adept an understanding of our client’s specific needs starting from an idea, concept or design through to the final stages of production and implementation.

We are a competitive business aligned with the largest manufacturers of converted products in Australia. This is our core strength and where the opportunity to add value becomes apparent. We work with designers from the inception of the product through to the finer details of the application on the production line. This has the added benefits of labour-saving and waste-reduction. The end result is a high quality product that is more suited to the end user’s requirements and specifications, all at a competitive price the first time - every time.

Mission Statement

  • We will provide our clients with a reliable, expert and value-added service in a Professional and Innovative manner.
  • We will establish support mechanisms and cost-effective quality initiatives which will enhance the progression of their business well into the future
  • We will maintain a mutually rewarding business relationship instigated by Integrity, Respect, and Flexibility.
  • We will provide an environment where our management and staff have the opportunity to become an integral part of the company by offering incentives, loyalty, support, a place of professional honesty and the chance to expand their skills with enthusiasm and excellence.


E: sales@adept-industrial.com.au
T: 1800 008 590


E: accounts@adept-industrial.com.au
T: 1800 008 590

Sales & Support

Kieran McKenna
E: km@adept-industrial.com.au
M: 0418 258 464

Sales & Support

Adel Ghali
E: aeg@adept-industrial.com.au
M: 0418 292 795

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